this is sick man, sounds really good. did you guys self record or go somewhere? my only complaint is the beginning of the video, and i was'nt digging some of the more talk-y with a hint of growl vocals but other than that i thought it was dope. maybe release a single full song instead of just trailers of a bunch, i'd like to have heard all of one to get a feel for it. but yeah man good job, check out my band we just got done recording a single left for dead, it's self recorded mixed and mastered by myself.


tell me what you think! if you dig it throw us a like!
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Self recorded! Will do!

Edit: Checked you guys out brother. The writing and composition is very cool! As far as the mixes go they seem a little rough but what you have now seems to lend itself to your style. It's raw, pissed, and lends a certain atmosphere.

Left for Dead is one sweet ass song. I'm following you guys now. Best of luck!
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