I'm ordering a flight case for my Marshall 1959SLP head as my band will be touring around soon, but my measurements don't match any of the measurements I've found online. As I will be ordering the case online from overseas (it's around half the price of getting one made locally) I will need perfect measurements, as they take custom measurements and add on 1mm for good fit.

If anyone has a Marshall 1959SLP and has their own measurements, feel free to post them as that will be handy to compare to.

My measurements are: 743mm x 306mm x 213mm... for the height (306) I included the handle and the feet.

Measurements from Marshall website state: 750 x 260 x 210

and I've seen many other varying dimensions... which makes me wonder if I'm either totally crap at using a ruler or all of these other measurements are half-guesses.
I can't help you there with that amp, but it is true that most people either don't know how to use a ruler or just round up to the nearest round number when they take measurements... I was asking for the dimensions for a 1965B cab and I would get the width anywhere from 58cm (!) to 67cm...
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I don't have a Marshall but I believe my Splawn headshell is exactly the same. The reason I believe that is because Scott Splawn makes (or used to make) replacement headshells for Marshalls and his amps use the same config.

However, (no expert here) I don't think it is going to matter all that much if it is off by a few centimeters here or there. It is not like it is going to slam into the foam and break.

You'd have to convert yourself but here are mine:

Length: 28 3/4" (29 inches to be safe)
Height: 12 1/4"
Depth: 8 1/2"
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Just take good measurements yourself and you will be fine. You're the one with the amp sitting in front of your ruler, remember.

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