I've got these four options:

-Marshall mid 80's JCM800 2205 (two channel w/verb)
-Mesa Dual Rectifier (two channel version)
-Mesa Dual Rec Tremoverb 212 Combo
-Orange TH30

and I'd like to trade one of them for either:

-a Sunn Model T head (also like sunn cabs)
-an Orange head of 50 watts or more (orange cabs are nice too :3)
-an emperor cab and some lesser head valuewise (Ampeg V4, or the like)
-Im also open to other options - I play sludge metal ala: Mastodon, Baroness, Isis, Neurosis, etc

Located in western Massachusetts. Can meet up/ deliver (depending). Feel free to text me: 413-454-8190 or email @: wolfintheskye@gmail.com