Hey, I've been having an issue recently with GP and it's speed trainer tool.

I recently reinstalled because I was getting errors, and since then, no matter what file I use, the speed trainer has inconsistent speeds during loops.

For example I'll set the speed trainer at 80% with no indicated increase or decrease. The first playback will be at 80%, but the second time will be at a substantially slower speed, as will the rest of the playbacks. No matter the values I put into the speed trainer, 0%-100% tempo with 0%-100% increase/decrease it always goes at the indicated speed the first time around then slows down after that.

But it doesn't do that if I don't select sections for loops. If I just let song play over, the speed does what I indicate.

I need to reiterate that the file doesn't matter. I used to have an issue with one particular file, where my highlight selection would play slower even without speed trainer turned on. Oddly enough a reinstall fixed that but not this.

Any ideas?
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