I'm looking to buy a new guitar. With guitars, along with playability, I'm also picky about appearances.

Charvel DS 1 ST:
-Priciest of the 3.
-Has Seymour Duncan pickups.
-Comes in an awesome Satin Black finish as well as a nice transparent finish.

-Mid ranged price.
-Doesn't have SD pickups, but EMGs are decent too.
-Comes in a nice transparent finish.

Schecter Damien Elite:
-Cheapest of the bunch.
-Decent EMG pickups.
-Has fish gills for finish (Quilted Maple).

I've had an ESP LTD Axxion in the past. It had a neck similar to that of the LTD H-351NT, but it had awesome SD pickups.

I've also had experience with the Schecter necks. Found them to be slightly thicker than that of the ESP LTD necks that I've tried.

I've had no experience with Charvel in the past.

So, what guitar should I go for?
Well I have had lots of schecters and have a new Charvel. I would get the Charvel. I like the compound radius neck over my c1 elites neck.

The only thing is if you can pick out a few Charvels and look at them and play them(no different than any other guitar). The quality control is all over the place. I have seen bad ones and very good ones.
What the hell!!!
LOLZ, a bit late on the reply, my man!

I woke up, got out of bed... and immediately got myself the H-351NT after trying it at the store.

Thanks for the reply though!