Hello, i am looking for a new humbucker for my guitar, i am looking for something i can coil tap.
So the theme i am looking for here is versatility, i use a pod to practice at home, but i play in alot of different venues and i use the amp that is availabe there, if i have to plug directly into the PA i will usually use a POD to do so...

i am looking for something that can deliver a strong and heavy distortion with enough sustain for slow solos but at the same time i also need something that can give me a smooth and non harsh clean sound when i need it...

I am not interested in buying a new amp, i dont have a means to transport it from venue to venue so please focus on the pickups. Thanks in advanced.

*My guitar has a strat type body

PS. I am sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language
I just want to verify. Do you mean coil split? Coil Tapping just refers to the lowering of output from a humbucker to try and emulate a single coil sound. Coil Splitting actually turns it from a bucker to a single.
What exact specs does your guitar have?

Pickup configuration?
Body and neck woods?
Bridge type?

Also, what kind of tones are you specifically after?
Name some bands, artists, whatever.
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Actually, a coil tap is something you do to a single coil. In theory you could coil tap a humbucker, but there aren't any production humbuckers amde for this purpose. It'd have to be a custom build.

You almost certainly mean coil split, because if you were sure you needed a humbucker with a tap wire, you wouldn't be asking here and you'd just be going straight to a custom winder.


Nobody can suggest a pickup unless we know exactly what guitar it is you are using. You also need to bear in mind that when using a POD, your pickup has little effect on your tone. You can put a Telecaster in through a POD and get a heavy metal tone out of it and you can put active humbuckers through a POD and get a country-blues tone.
Additionally, sustain has nothing to do with what pickup you have. Sustain is down to the construction of the guitar.
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