Little clearout of some of my lesser used pedals to fund a EHX Superego!

The Blackstar is a great high-gain pedal that is pretty much an amp in a pedal, you can get some massive thick sounds out of it, as well as lighter ones too. Going off hi-gain stuff now and rarely crank it above 3 so may as well get rid of it! Might be able to find the box for this.

£80 delivered?

The Crybaby pretty much speaks for itself, it's been modded with this mod (http://www.diyguitarist.com/DIYStompboxes/WahMod.htm) No box unfortunately.

£40 delivered?

The Behringer is a cheap and cheerful multifx, bought on a whim mainly for the chorus but now I have a tiny little Mooer doing that for me! Again no box.

£14 delivered?