i'm looking for good guitar strings for an acoustic guitar.
i want a beautiful deep bass and bright high notes,
can someone help me??
trial and error, trial and error my friend. i find that different strings sound different on different guitars. i go thru dozens of sets every time i get a new guitar. tone is very subjective to each set of ears.
the most popular seem to be D'addario EXP16' and Elixers. although patti turned me on to silk n steels for one of my other guitars.
It depends on your scale length and top wood. I have a 25.5" scale with solid sitka spruce top and I like 80/20 brass strings (D'Addario)... of course the high strings are always plain steel... that never changes no matter what you have for the lowers.

You might also note that the pick material makes some difference in the sound... if you use a pick.
My standard reply is that if you ask 100 guitarists....You'll get 100 answers. String likes and dislikes are highly individual. I recall an earlier thread on this and in the first 10 replies you got 10 different answers.
Most folks will unhesitatingly recommend whatever they have on the guitar at the moment as the "best ever".
First you need to think about gauge, and what kind of guitar you have. Most instruments come shipped with standard "acoustic lights". However, many larger guitars, dreadnaughts and jumbos, sound better with mediums.
Some lightly-constructed guitars may be damaged by mediums.
You need to think about set-up as well. Just throwing on a set of mediums might make your guitar next to unplayable...

As to string types... As noted, YMMV. Usually, "Brass" strings are bright, "bronze" or phosphor bronze may be a bit more mellow... There are lots of other variations.
Also all the coated variants of those....Some folks love coated strings, some hate 'em...
They do last a long time.
Quote by ferari1970
i'm looking for good guitar strings for an acoustic guitar.
i want a beautiful deep bass and bright high notes,
can someone help me??
As are we all, pretty much. Unfortunately, a lot of what you seek is instrument dependent. A simple string change isn't going to turn a "Rogue" into a "Taylor" or a "Martin".

With that said, keeping strings reasonably fresh on the guitar goes a long way toward improving the sound.

String alloy choice is more important than brand with respect to overall tonality.

Brass (80/20 alloys) tend to "ping" when new, but after the newness wears of they have a clear, bright sound. That said, they also "twang" when new, and hence might be good for a player with aspirations of taking up residence in Nashville.

Phosphor Bronze tends toward a warmer sound.

The gauge of a string set determines the potential for bass.

Acoustic string sets, for the majority of players, needn't be heavier than "acoustic light" (.012 to .053) for all around playing. Going lighter sacrifices bass, going heavier can sacrifice the guitar.

I've found that my all laminate Ibanez jumbo performs best with 80/20 strings, as they put back some of the brilliance the plywood and huge body takes away.

OTOH (IMHO), putting 80/20 strings on a 12 string is tantamount to wishing for a shrill, unlistenable instrument.

Which brings us to the point at which I feel compelled to ask, "what brand, body style, and species of wood is this guitar of yours anyway"? Knowing that might help a bit.
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Why not try the side by side test... I found this to be very informative. You just buy an assortment of single strings of various types and of the same guage as your current A string. Then you remove your low E and replace it with one of the strings to be tested, and tune it to A. Now you have 2 identical guage strings tuned to A, side by side... but one is a different composition... such as one being 80/20 brass and the other phospher bronze, or silk and steel, or whatever. Now you simply pluck them and listen to the sound. Then change one of them to something else and continue to compare those two. Very quickly you will discover exactly how each type of string sounds on your particular guitar... and see which one you prefer.
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I have acoustic light strings - I prefer a nice, warm tone. This gives a sound I like when strumming along. I play a Takamine acoustic.
Di'Addarios are loved by lots of players, rightly so, personally I mostly prefer phosphor bronze, I play mostly Martin Marquis sets, although I've tried Dean Markleys, not quite so fond of the other martin sets, or fender sets either.
I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12-53 strings. They have a deep sound with sparkling highs, and last a hell of a lot longer than any other strings I've tried. 2nd on my favorite strings list would either be D'addarrio EXPs or Cleartone.
I'm still in the process of determining what strings I prefer best on my Seagull S6 with a solid cedar top. So far I like DR Rares and DR Sunbeams, but I haven't tried nearly enough to know if they are my favorites yet.

As just about everyone has said it's highly subjective and takes some trial and error to see what you really like.