So I'm trying to make video game track covers. I recorded the backing tracks with audacity and then I record with the backing track barely audible. My biggest problem is keeping time when I try to record without headphones.

I notice a lot of the guys on youtube like FamilyJules7x are able to record perfectly in time without them. Should I keep trying to learn how to keep time? It's very frustrating and takes like 20 or 30 takes before I get one that's even close to flawless. Or should I just take the easy way out and invest in some wireless headphones? I probably won't have much time to record next month so I'd rather take the easy way out. But that might look bad if I start a youtube channel...
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I'm sure he's listening to what he's playing to. Maybe not through headphones, but through speakers that you can't see.

That being said, it's fine to play to a track with headphones. It's also important to be able to play to a click track and just by yourself, but it's not necessary for this. If you need to use headphones, don't be afraid to use headphones.
They've probably sync'd audio from another recording to the video of a performance of that recording. I'd record whatever way makes your cover sound best, then record your video how ever that looks best and put it together.
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Why don't you record video and audio separately? Mic your amp/plug to pc or whatever, so you only record the sound of your guitar. Mix it with the backingtrack. Then put it together with the video image you recorded while playing, sinc it, and voila.
Presumably they are recording directly without a microphone, meaning they can hear anything and have all the extra noise they want.
I say the answer is simple. Record with headphones. They only give you advantages, no reason to get all the hassle with recording through speakers..
I wouldn't bother with wireless headphones, just get some wired headphones that are long enough for you to sit and play with. Otherwise, a very good thing to do would be to learn to play to a metronome. If you do that you can just put a metronome app on your phone, put a cheap set of earphones in one ear and record to that. Then you just time shift it to fit with the rest of the track.