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I just wanted to share a few things my teacher said about weight and the right hand/fingers and hear what you think:

He said that it's important "to get weight into the fingers of the right hand". "Weight has the ability to create sound. And since the right hand is the sound producing hand it's important to have weight in it. The weight should not be held in the the right back, shoulder, elbow, etc., but rather allowed to go right through into the hand and fingers, to have it available for producing sound. Often times the right hand just hangs light and loosely without any weight in the fingers."

I had never thought about this before. I think I understand what he is trying to say and it makes some sense to me (as a beginner). However it also came to my mind that more weight (in the right fingers) could mean more difficulty to control the fingers....

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I have literally no idea what he/you mean by "weight in the fingers". I mean just... what? As a term that has literally no meaning to me.
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I've not one single clue what that is supposed to mean.
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Please get your teacher to explain it better that is what you pay them for,
them come back and tell us maybe we are all missing something?

Could he have meant using a Weight away from the guitar?
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I imagine the teacher is referring to the picking motion being created from the point of the wrist breaking and not using your forearm or whole arm from the shoulder down. Which makes sense. You don't want tension in the back, shoulders or arm when picking, just from the hand; the arm shouldn't move or tense much, other than to reposition the hand vertically in relation to the string being picked.
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dkunick is right, posture and mechanics of motion go hand n' hand. There are many variations of motion for the picking hand, NEVER is it ok to have undue tension in your stroke.
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Thank you all for the replies!

I will definitely ask him to clarify more exactly what he meant and then let you know.

I think what dkunick says goes in the same direction...
I just thought that you might know exactly what he's talking about...