I've been playing electric guitar since April of 2009, and I mostly played by crossing my right leg over my left leg and keeping guitar over my right leg. That is the posture I have gotten used to.

However, lately that posture seems to be making me tired quite easily. My right thigh, upon which the guitar rests, get tired easily and I want to end practice/playing session soon. Thus, I am trying to adjust to the "normal/regular" position - just sitting regularly, no legs crossed over the other, and guitar kept on right leg, but I just can't seem to adjust to that regular position. The guitar feels lower (IT IS lower, compared to my former position - I know that) and I am not quite used to having to fret the notes that low.

Hey zuhairreza

I know how you feel. It is common for guitar players to go through that at one time in the process. In my experience it was frustration when switching from normal position to classical position. The muscles just were not used to being like that for a long time.

What is your musical goal?

I found that the body learn and adjust if you just keep at it. I think buying a footrest will help you since you are used to having the guitar "higher". If you are not used to having the guitar on your left leg (if you are a right handed player) it can be a bit strange in the beginning, but I promise you. This position not only allows you to relax more, be more flexible all over the neck, but it actually also energizes you (like meditation).

Hope this helps