Hi all, (skip to the 3rd paragraph if you don't want context but can recommend a place for me to test a baja.)

I have been looking at the Baja tele for a while as an affordable alternative to the AVRI 52 line. I want a tele for ambient and this looks like a great versatile option, delivering bright tones classic tele twang and a lot in between. Its also finished with blonde or close to butterscotch which I really love.

I'd live opinions from you all on this guitar. I do have a feeling since playing the hot rod 52 I might want to put a mini humbucker in the neck one day but I do like what I hear about the twisted tele and s1 tonal options.

Before I can decide if its worth 15-1700 US for the AVRIs I would love to try a Baja... but only know of guitar center in the Northern VA/DC space. Anyone know where else I can look to play one?
As an aside I'd love to hear about great little shops in the area.

Many thanks!
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