Me and my buddy always argue about simple music. Bands such as AC/DC and Killswitch Engage always come up. My friend tends not to like these kind of bands because their music is simple and very easy to play. I however don't see it that way. I believe its how you play and not what you are playing. I would agree that AC/DC is very simple but they are one of my favorite bands. I remember my guitar teacher doing a drill with me. He played a rhythm part on his guitar and got me to play a lead part with just two notes. He told me a good guitar player should be able to groove with just two notes. What are your guys views on simple music?
Dimebag's intro for Walk was just two notes and a bend, and most of the song is just power-chords and a repeated-intro (except for the solo, of course).

Tony Iommi's intro for Paranoid is on 2 frets on 2 strings, with a drone note on the low-E.

Complexity doesn't make a regular guitarist into a guitar-hero.

With that in mind, I'm gonna be a STAR!!!
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Endless simple monotony (which both AC/DC with their endless versions of the same song and Pantera with their 5 minute songs that consist of 2 riffs are horribly guilty of) however isn't entertaining.

As long as I enjoy listening to it it doesn't matter how complex it is... but that doesn't mean simple = good. It's not really important.
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sometimes you're in the mood for simple, sometimes it bores the shit out of you, what can you do?
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