Hi guys,
So I recently reassessed my bank accounts and it looks like I'm actually going to have a bit of money left over from my erasmus grant (thought I'd actually have to dip into my savings), so I'm thinking about doing something I've been considering for a while: buying a baritone acoustic.

Of course it's all down to personal preference and I will try anything before I buy it, but there's a lot to choose from and some input would be helpful.

I really like Ovations. The brightness of them, how they look and how they feel. I don't know Ovation's catalogue very well and their site is pretty poor, and won't let me search by scale length or present their guitars in a way such that it's easy to pick the baritones out. So if somebody knows about Ovation models, you are of use to me.
However, I'm not limiting myself to Ovation. If you show me something else that I like then I'll go and try it.

My budget is around £400. I'd be willing to spend £500 but I'd rather not.
£500 = roughly 590€ or $770(US)

I can't really specify a particular style that I'd be playing with it. I'm pretty versatile. I'd be playing with fingers more than a pick.
It'd be nice if it was plug-in-able too.

I'm pretty much open to any suggestions, is what I'm saying.
edit: I do want it to have a cutaway though


Note: I'm in Paris right now, and won't be buying anything until I go back to England in July. I just like to plan ahead.
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the Ovation DS778TX is a fantasic guitar ! i'm sure it'll meet all your requirements. if your patient, you'll find the USA made S778. the tops are on the body, not in the body. gives them a bit more depth and projection. i think they older ones come with the OP50 preamp system.... easily replaceable with the OP-PRO system.
That Ovation would be my first choice in that price range.

My second choice would be saving up a bit more. There is a luthier named Jon Kammerer I have bought from before who makes a headless acoustic electric bass (@$1000) that fits in a standard dreadnought case, and we've discussed making a baritone on that platform.

In addition, there is the Gold Tone bari that sounds wonderful, but is $1,400.


I'm sure there are others out there, but those are the ones I know best.
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Thanks guys

The Ovation DS778TX looks great. That's exactly what I'm after. However, it's advertised as "D-scale" and I was originally set on B tuning as a base for the guitar. It's 28 1/3" scale though, which is pretty long. Any thoughts on how it'll react to tuning lower? I'm thinking C, so just a whole step down.
Going to B isn't really essential. That was just my original thought because it'd make it more coherent with my other guitars and I often play in B. But thinking about it, I'm unlikely to record much which this, it's only for pleasure.

Thanks other guys too

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Perhaps have a look here.

I know Newton Faulkner uses these.

Cheers, but I think you may have confused "£400" with "£4000"