I'm looking at getting A BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X-Shadow, or a BC Rich Mockingbird STQ-Trans purple. Both the Hardtail version. Has anyone had much experience with these? Which one will be the best to go for? any advice or knowledge on these would be much appreciated, cheers.
I've played the Pro-X and it was a sweet guitar, I didn't end up buying it because at the time I was in a pop-punk type band and a Les Paul fitted better. From what I can see, the difference other than colour (or color, if you're American) is just that the Pro-X is higher specced and has EMG actives rather than the plebian Duncan Designed p/ups on the STQ. Conversely, the STQ has a sh-t ton of extra tonal options that the Pro-X doesn't, so ask yourself this: Are you going to use an out-of phase switch to play Fleetwood Mac? Do you currently suffer from the lack of Varitone filter? And do you long for a singe-coil tonal option? If so, buy the STQ.
If you have never considered using any of the above, buy the Pro-X.
In fairness, if your thing is classic rock, you don't really want EMG actives, so it's all down to taste. My advice is metal/hard rock = STQ, classic rock/metal/hard rock STQ. The STQ will be a lot more versatile, but are you going to use the benefits? Cos if not, it's a total waste.
hmmm, i'm leaning heavily towards the Pro X. Were you suppose to say "metal/hard rock= Pro-X"? I would of imagined the pro x to be more suited to that than the stq, i guess i will be using it for mostly heavy stuff, hard rock-heavy metal and everything in between.