Hey Guys!! we are a heavy metal band from greece we have just finish our cd recordings where made in our homestudio without good facilities we have tried to do our best and we hope you will like it

Our youtube : youtube.com/GoldenRazorHeavy

Our myspace : myspace.com/goldenrazor

Our Facebook : facebook.com/GoldenRazor

Our SoundCloud : soundcloud.com/golden-razor

thank you for your time

greeting, GoldenRazor
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You have a sabaton-esque sound going. The mixes are very, very rough though and it buries the vocalist. I think I could really get into this music if the mixes were more coherent. It sounds like you just need a better mic/interface for the vox and you would be on your way.

Check out my band's album trailer? If you would be so kind, let us know what you think (good bad or ugly) on our youtube channel or facebook page:


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Not gonna lie it's not too bad man its got a nice classic heavy metal sound, reminds of the movie airheads, haha maybe that's because i just watched that movie. I respect the self production as well as that what my band does and too many small bands are just paying for these super expensive recording studios and it sounds good but i feel like there should always be that phase of self production to bring a band closer. No? whatever then ahah. What are you guys using as far as recording? If you have a minute check out my band

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