I have been playing off and on now for about 4 years. When I say off and on I mainly mean that I try to play for periods of time and then get discouraged from seeing (and hearing) little improvement. I am in a small town in central NY and there are virtually no teachers in the area that are even decent. I've tried the only two I could find. One was basically printing tabs and trying to get me to play them. I can do that! The second guy had a condescending attitude and teaching style that was irritating. He would play something crazy! Far beyond me, and say something like "ya gotta play it like that!" Stroker!

So in a nutshell I've never had any direction or proper instruction. I've just bought books and tried tabs. After getting frustrated and putting it down for a few months, I always end up picking it back up because I have such a "want" to just learn how to really play. I am 43 and have no delusions about becoming a rock star or even being in a band. I just want to learn because I love it. I need some advice!

Is Jamplay.com a good idea?
Justin guitar got me very far. Jamplay is worth checking out too for more songs and different teaching styles. Yea its tough finding a good teacher. See if you can find a GIT grad
How's your setup? Like your guitar and amplifier are they at least decent? I know having a cheap instrument didn't encourage me much when I first tried playing. A lot of people get discouraged that way...My first guitar didn't stay in tune at all(and had a terrible tone),so that didn't exactly help...and also the string action was extremely high and that made my fingers uncomfortable and blister...Having a decent amp and guitar with decent tone and nice playability will help,. I just learned from pushing myself. I'm self taught and can play pretty well. It's just about pushing yourself to try harder things,if you continue to play easy songs you'll never get any better. I've never taken lessons from people or websites..But there's all kind of information on the internet...Free videos on youtube and stuff like that..