I have been playing off and on now for about 4 years. When I say off and on I mainly mean that I try to play for periods of time and then get discouraged from seeing (and hearing) little improvement. I am in a small town in central NY and there are virtually no teachers in the area that are even decent. I've tried the only two I could find. One was basically printing tabs and trying to get me to play them. I can do that! The second guy had a condescending attitude and teaching style that was irritating. He would play something crazy! Far beyond me, and say something like "ya gotta play it like that!" Stroker!

So in a nutshell I've never had any direction or proper instruction. I've just bought books and tried tabs. After getting frustrated and putting it down for a few months, I always end up picking it back up because I have such a "want" to just learn how to really play. I am 43 and have no delusions about becoming a rock star or even being in a band. I just want to learn because I love it. I need some advice!

Is Jamplay.com a good idea?