I recently started taking lessons and my teacher is taking the approach of teaching me via songs for now. My primary goal is to learn to play my favorite songs. With all the information available I get easily side tracked and often try learning from multiple instruction methods at once. I'm wondering if I would just learn more by sticking to what my teacher is showing me via songs and back off the other stuff. Have any of you learned to play guitar this way. Guess I always thought you had to learn theory, scales, notation, etc. Maybe all I that will come later. It sure is fun learning the songs. Any opinions..
I think if I sat here just learning scales and exercises for 2-4 hours a day, I would probably sell my gear in a week. The only thing I want out of my guitar playing (at this point in time) is to be able to play my favourite songs, so that's what I do.
When i started all i wanted to do was play my favourite songs, i can do that now and now all i want to do is be the best i can possibly be, you'll probably think of this as well once you get there. So learn scales and whatnot for future.

I like to explain it like this. Learning guitar is like learning a new language, you need to know where it came from, people don't just speak and never learn the alphabet, scales, chords, notes, keys etc. are the alphabet, the words are songs, learn where it came from, learn your alphabet.

Ultimately you will find chords by learning songs, learn songs but learn the important stuff.

If all you ever want to do is just play for yourself or family and friends and that's it then don't bother with scales and chords just learn your songs, if you want to be a good guitarist and solo and play freely and with feel and emotion, Learn the alphabet.

Hope this helped mate