For years I've been using this cruddy old Nady wireless UHF-whatever thing and it's been working fine, I don't need anything fancy. But I need something that can take multiple transmitters. I'm thinking something with one receiver and transmitters that I can adjust the frequency on so I can set them all to the same frequency. I want to be able to turn one transmitter off, rack the guitar, turn another transmitter on and then play that guitar. Are there any systems out there in a reasonable price range that can do that? I mean I don't want to be cheap, I need something with good quality, but I've seen some of these systems run anywhere between $700 and $4000. That's ridiculous, I'll just stick to a single cable for that. I'm hoping to get the receiver and buy the transmitters individually as I need them.
-Mesa Dual Rectifier (3 Channel) with KT88 and KT66 Tubes
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-Line 6 M13
Line 6 Relay G30/G50/G90 depending on spec requirements. Dunno how easy it will be to get more transmitters though, I've never seen them sold separately.