After a long look at some guitars, i'm never quite settled on what to buy. I'm gunna give myself a project when i return from Afghanistan and build my own. Can anyone who has done this before give me some advice? I have been looking around at parts and as it's my first guitar i'm probably going to buy a pre-made body and neck.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Are you getting out of the military any time soon?

If premade necks and bodies is what you want, try looking into Musicraft and Warmoth. I haven't used them, but people love them. I've seen a few Warmoth builds in person, and they were damn good(though some say the quality of their necks have gone downhill).
Some people also sell bodies or necks from used instruments on sites like ebay. Some will need sanding/refinishing, but not all of them.
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If you're set on buying a premade body and neck, and you're likely to be out on deployment again, you could consider something like these:

You've got a catch 22 with stuff like this. A kit or anything premade will be more rewarding in the short-term and will still give you transferrable skills to a full build. If you plan on approaching full builds in the future, however, you should consider at least making a body this time around. Both options will build on your experience, give you a worthwhile project and give you a guitar in the end, so it just comes down to time, money and tools.
Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I have 7 years left in the RAF, but that's not an issue, being out here and not bringing my guitar (bad tekkers) has made me want to build my own. i'll maybe look into some rough drawings and maybe get my own body built. i'll have a look at some sources you guys have given me.