Lately i've been listening to video game soundtracks a lot (zelda in particular) and some of the compositions are absolutely mind blowing, this one being included of course.
I decided that i'd do my own arrangement of Gerudo Valley so here it is.. All tracks played by myself and the arrangement my own too so let me know what you think! This is the first cover of mine to be just me playing so i'm quite proud of that.
It's not flawless in execution but that's not what i'm going for anyways.

More Zelda arrangements to come in the future hopefully so feel free to subscribe if you like what you hear

Not bad, although personally the slowed down tempo kinda removes the flare of the rhythm. I think you were slightly out of tune on the backing chord tracks, but I still like that you made it your own though. This is probably my favorite arrangement in OoT! I've recorded my own cover of Gerudo Valley, if you wanna check it out I think you'll like it.