It's an idea I'm working with right now but I'll probably have a completed song in the next few weeks.

C4C (constructive is nice)

Let me know if you guys enjoy/like.

A Catharsis
Solid. I like the delay effect and the choice of tone. They work good together. One little thing that caught my ear was that around the 0:50 mark, it felt like there should've been another sound added or a rhythmic movement or something like that.
Sigs are for salad tossers.
Love RAW recordings so its already awesome. You have nice melodys This can defiantly be something good with some professional gear but like I said I dig the raw stuff. Keep it up ad thanks for the grit. =]
The guitar is slightly out of tune. But definitely an interesting track. I've been experimenting with delay myself in a slightly similar way, so it's very cool to hear this. I think the commenter on Soundcloud describes it best: "This is what it would sound like if rain was made of music". Perfect description. Different, mellow tune. I really love it.

Thanks for your comment by the way.