Is it normal that I hear a... kind of "tic" metallic sound when using the whammy bar? The problem is the low E string keeps going sharp when doing divebombs; when I do pull ups it comes back to pitch.

The bridge is an Edge Zero II, I keep reading great things about this bridge, I spent two hours trying to figure out the issue but Im not getting it. The bridge is parallel to the body as it should be but when I use the bar about half way in/out I hear this "tic" that resonates and you can hear it quite clearly. I would have thought it could be the strings slipping at the locking nut but its actually pretty tight, I also tried pressing down the strings AFTER the nut and it didnt alter the tuning at all.

Anyone knows that the problem might be?
It could be that the bridge is not seated properly on the studs, so that it's slipping to a more comfortable position. It could also be the bar itself making noise when you're pushing down on it.

tbh it's impossible to say without a video
like dude said issue with the studs and knife edges are going to cause that and go away if you unlock the locks.

2. Maybe the locking nut is moving, i.e. loose screws. I also have a 2 piece locking nut, that will make noise if it is loose.

3. The springs are making noise.
What the hell!!!