Hey Pit.
I wanted some advice from fellow musicians. (Since I'm pretty sure most of you are)

I've been playing guitar in bands since I was in high school. I played in a shitty metal band then but now I play in a rock/alternative group.
This group has been together a year and we all get along very well and we write music very well and we are generating a small buzz in our area. My dream is do play in a band for a living but I understand that most of the time that doesn't happen.

I tried going to college right after high school but that didn't work. I wasn't playing much music at the time, and i was constantly stressed out of my mind and fell into a deep depression and failed all my classes because i just kinda stopped going.

Fast forward to today. I work a part time job and make ok money and I play with my band a lot and we are releasing a CD soon. I feel like if we work hard enough (and I feel like we are) we could do something with this.

But all the time from my parents and my girlfriends parents tell me that I should be working ether a full time job (40-60 hours a week) or go back to school. (Which I don't even know what I'm going to school for) Because I am wasting my time doing music.

But for the first time in a long time. I'm happy with what I'm doing. My bands working out and I make enough money to live off of. (Although I still live at my parents house)
My Gf supports me in what I do but she wants me to make more money too.

Question is, Am I wasting my time working on my band and trying to make a living?
Should I go get a factory job to support myself and spend less time doing things with my band?
Or should I keep going with it and see where it goes?

tl:dr Should i get a full time job or keep playing with my band?

Don't be too rough on me.

BTW I'm 20 if age matters.
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You're 20, keep doing what makes you happy as cliche as it is. Enjoy these years because you have your whole life ahead of you to work a job you might not enjoy. So really, just enjoy your early 20's.
Do what makes you happy man

Why are your GF's parents telling you what to do?
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to what you love but be aware of the consequences that can occur do to the choices made.
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Nah, you're hardly going to earn anything at a shitty job anyway. If you're making some money with your band then carry on.
In fact, even if you're not making any money you should carry on. Time spent having fun is not time wasted.
Sounds like exactly where I was a few years back....at almost 5 years on I'm still in part time work and the band still hasn't got much further. I can safely say it will always feel like you are on the edge of something happening, but you just gotta spend another grand here, another grand there, so unless you have something concrete ahead of you don't kid yourself into thinking something will come along. Being in a band is expensive if you realistically want it to succeed, recording albums and touring don't come cheap. The flip side is you won't be able to try this again when you get to 30, so if this is really what you want to do in life then even if you don't make it you can look back having given it your best shot. The worst thing you can do is try and stay in the middle and just see where it goes (if you're serious about it). You either decide to do it for fun and get a full time job or go back to school or you go full out with the band and put everything into it. Anything in between will be a waste of yours and the rest of your bands time and money. This is all based on my experience so you may have better luck but hopefully it helps!
Trust me before you know it, you hit thirty. Everyone else has gone through school or had some other "in" at a career. If the band doesnt make it then what? Always try to further yourself both in music and at employability. Otherwise you end up flipping burgers or some other low paying job and struggle for the rest of your life. Hit it hard, I mean real hard, with the band now if your serious. If your working hard it should feel like it, promos, gigs, demos for labels, networking, even solo work, etc. CONSTANTLY. But dont leave yourself without a parachute. Band members are a fickle as wives and musicians are a flighty bunch so leave yourself options. Or else if your "lifelong buddies", your bandmates, somehow have a change of heart, youll be starting over. I wish I had studied an instrument truly and could sight read well, then I couldve tried for work in theatre ochestras, session work, and the like and pursued my own music outside of "work". Couldve lived music everyday, but didnt. Go to school for a degree in performance musicianship. You could teach on the side, you'll learn more about what you love that will help with your bands writing and such.
carls on point. warehouses and mcdonalds are full of once-aspiring musicians working low paying jobs. Its their career graveyard.
they are butthurt because you are happy with what you're doing and they want you to "conform". Misery loves company...
take some mcdonalds job or whatever, and continue with the band! You'll make more money with a crap full time job than you do with a quite ok part time job. Working 9 to 5 does not mean you don't have time for the band. You'll still have 16 hours a day to use on other stuff than work.
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If you really feel like making music and that it will always be a part of your life, then continue it. Everything else is just an accessory. If you get enough money to sustain yourself and your partner, that is enough. Follow your musical path, if you strongly feel that it is indeed your path.
if you believe you can make it then do it like nothing else you've ever done
if 8-10 hours a day isn't put into your music, you're going nowhere
On top of that = job, GF
You gotta make it work

Whatever you do, put everything in it. As long as you do that, nothing can ever be a waste of time
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