I'm be getting a new amp pretty soon but I'm stuck between a Carvin V3M and an Evil Robot C30. I like the versatility of the V3M but I love the tone of the Evil Robot. I'm perfectly fine having just one tone. I pretty much just use one mid-gain tone with my GT-10. But I dabble with more gain once in a blue moon. But I doubt I'll actually use all of the features of the V3M. I will probably find a good mid-gain setting and use it as a single-channel amp most of the time. The real question is can I get a tone like the Evil Robot with the V3M? And will the Evil Robot with the GT-10 for high gain have good results?
Make sure you play the V3m. There have been a few people here who did not like channel 3. They found it lacking. Other than that they really liked it, however I think 3 people on here returned it.

I have not played either, just trying to share a bit from what others have said.

Spend some time to make sure either would work for you long term.

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If the EVR is what you want, get it.
Buying a V3M to sound like an EVR, if you have the option of actually having EVR, sounds like a bad idea to me.

Seeing you have a GT-10, you could use that to have some versatility with the EVR as well. If you're happy with the sounds of the GT-10, I'd pick that over the V3M.
What the last two people said: Get the EVR since you seem to be set on achieving that tone. If, in the future, you want a switch-up in gains, get yourself some stompboxes to help out.