Hi, I'm new to pedals/boards so might sound like a tit but here it goes:

I've just bought an EHX Memory Man with Hazarai. So much fun, especially building up layered loops. I've been playing around with the stereo outputs, plugging in 2 amps: a Fender DeVille & a wee 5watt valve amp. I like the way I can crank the 5watt easily & keep the Fender clean at higher volumes so when the Memory Man's off theres a mix of textures between the 2, the 5watt adding some dirt in the background. BUT for some pieces I want to go super clean & fade out the 5watt, so was thinking of getting a volume pedal to do that. BUT I also want to be able to fade out BOTH amps with a volume pedal so loops can fade out at the end of pieces. SO... because the stereo is 2 outputs from the EHX & I wanna control the volume of the amps individually & also together AFTER the EHX in my chain... how do I do that? The only way I can think is a volume pedal for each amp/line out, close together so when I want to fade out both I can put my foot over both pedals?

Are there other ways? Hope all that makes sense. Any advice/ideas would be nice.