Hi, I'm new to pedals/boards so might sound like a tit but here it goes:

I've just bought an EHX Memory Man with Hazarai. So much fun, especially building up layered loops. I've been playing around with the stereo outputs, plugging in 2 amps: a Fender DeVille & a wee 5watt valve amp. I like the way I can crank the 5watt easily & keep the Fender clean at higher volumes so when the Memory Man's off theres a mix of textures between the 2, the 5watt adding some dirt in the background. BUT for some pieces I want to go super clean & fade out the 5watt, so was thinking of getting a volume pedal to do that. BUT I also want to be able to fade out BOTH amps with a volume pedal so loops can fade out at the end of pieces. SO... because the stereo is 2 outputs from the EHX & I wanna control the volume of the amps individually & also together AFTER the EHX in my chain... how do I do that? The only way I can think is a volume pedal for each amp/line out, close together so when I want to fade out both I can put my foot over both pedals?

Are there other ways? Hope all that makes sense. Any advice/ideas would be nice.
You could get 3 volume pedals and route 2 for the stereo to go separate for the amps and get something like an EHX Chillswitch and have the third one in the loop of the Chillswitch to control both at the same time.

Don't know for sure if it would work with the pedal in question, but in theory, it should. Takes up more space and is more expensive, but it's quite more handy than having to control 2 volume pedals at once.
Would that keep the whole thing in stereo? My concern is that putting both the lines out of the Memory Man into anything else would make the signal mono? Like I said, pretty new to pedals so trying to work this out is making my head spin a bit! I'll check out the Chillswitch though, thanks a lot for getting back to me.
Ok, never mind my previous post, I knew there was going to be a loophole. :")
I thought of the concept of a bypass looper and a stereo rig separately, but it didn't compile very well in my head. :P

It might be possible with a Boss LS-2, but I don't know for sure. It has 3 inputs and 3 outputs and if the pedal has the option, you could route the 2 volume pedals in stereo through it and use the left over input and output as a loop for the third volume pedal. I've never used the LS-2, so I'm not sure again.