My school's jazz band is playing it, and I don't want to not have a solo in this song because there's always supposed to be a guitar solo in any song with a guitar, but I can't figure out how to improvise to it.

All I know is that it's in Bb and that the youtube version has no guitar solo (unfortunately), and that the song sounds really annoying

Our version sounds almost identical to this version, except it has a lot more instruments
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whats the chord progression youre giong to be soloing in?

since its in Bb and jazz improvise in Bb and hit some chord tones

Gmin, Gmin F#, Gmin F, Gmin E, Eb7b5, D7b9, (Gmin 7, D7 sus) x alot (x2 whole thing)
I just listened to Chick Corea's version of this. Start simple with Gm pentatonic with an added 9. Sounds great with that xtra note. Use it tastefully .
Whole thing is in a G minor tonality. I think in key centers. G minor is relative minor of Bb major. So I think of the key of Bb when I solo, just to help me visualize the fretboard.

Now most of it you would solo using notes from the key of Bb, however when it gets to the Eb7b5. that is a IV chord that is turned dominant.

the notes in the key of Bb are:

Bb C D Eb F G A

what are the chord tones of that Eb7b5? we have Eb G A Db

What note when put against the notes of Bb is different? The Db. So, when soloing, and that chord comes up, just add a Db into your lines. Now, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT THE Db IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. That's the beauty of jazz, your choice. If you don't use the Db and instead play a D, you get a Eb7#11 which also sounds good in this context. Hell, you can use a D and a Db in the same line if you want, doesn't matter. If you replace the D with a Db, you might recognize this as a Bb Melodic Minor scale, but it doesn't matter what the name is, all that matters is the sound of it.

But in general that is the trick whenever you see a IV chord that is acting as a dominant 7th instead of a Major 7th. Always think of major to minor. So say you are soloing using the notes of Bb key. When I see that the IV is a Eb7 instead of a Ebmaj7, I lower the 3rd. Again putting that Db into play. creating the Bb Melodic Minor. Some might also think of this usage as playing a melodic minor up a 5th from the dominant chord. So Eb7, up a 5th is Bb melodic minor.

The D7b5 is a secondary dominant. V of vi. If you want to address it add a F# to your lines, but again, you don't have to. This in theory is using some kind of harmonic minor, but I don't think that way. I just look at what note changes, and adjust accordingly.

Make sense?

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Thing is, I'm just wondering if they go on ultimate-piano.com or ultimate-saxophone.com to ask for advice....

or maybe they just know how to use their ****ing loaf, oh and their ears.
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Thing is, I'm just wondering if they go on ultimate-piano.com or ultimate-saxophone.com to ask for advice....

or maybe they just know how to use their ****ing loaf, oh and their ears.

well, thing is... well, the only soloer is the saxophone by default (the sheet music has a sax solo), and we have a small ~20 bar solo for the bass (he's ****ing beast, scholarship to Berklee summer program 2 years in a row, knows how to play just about every instrument since he was in 5th grade)

on the other hand, I'm not some guy going on TGP and asking how the color of my finish will affect my guitar's tone
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It sounds to me like you need to study some Jazz theory, man. (And theory in general.) In Jazz, key and chord tones are both VERY important.