Wasup UG? /m/

My band Sirens released a new song called Drone. We mixed/mastered the material ourselves so any production feedback would be great!

Please let us know what you think, it only takes a few seconds to leave a comment and it takes hours upon hours to create a seven minute song.

We're trying our best to get tabs up for you on UG, the guitar pro files are being worked on at the moment!


Thanks guise
I really liked the technical things you worked in there, such as the little bleeps and bloops in between. I think it's most noticeable in the beginning. Another things that I also liked was how you worked in keyboard melodies. Very well done. The interlude was very calming and the whispers along with the spoken words were interestingly placed, the melody somewhat odd sometimes, but not in a way that it obstructed the beauty of it. And the transition back was well done as well.

Amazing work!

If you get a second, feel free to check out my song "Bitter Memories":