Ok lets say i were in a band, and we go playing with my band to gigs and such.
We are getting quite popular. And we release a whole free album, how much would that influence our income if there were no cd.. Just free songs for everyone.
It might get you a bigger fanbase as more people can listen to it because it's free. It's a hit-or-miss thing really.
I don't get what you're saying. Do you mean you'll release them on a free download?

If you put them on bandcamp then it doesn't cost anything at all.
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I would have them for free at gigs maybe, and then have them available for purchase online perhaps? At least have somewhere to buy it, some people feel better about paying for albums, so you'd probably get a little bit at least (providing you have a decent sized fanbase).
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I'd buy a CD if I liked you.

No matter how good you are, I'd still ignore a free download.

You need stuff to sell at your gigs while people are still hyped about you. If you leave them to download your album later, it'll get put off, they'll never do it and they'll forget about you.
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I'd say your best bet would be to burn CDs and give them out for free. Otherwise (unless you're amazing) people will just get home and forget.

Seems like a fine strategy though, people will just torrent it anyway so you may as well get good guy points for the stuff you're making no money on.
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A cd with a QR code(to your website/facebook/reverbnation,etc) wouldn't do any harm.
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