Bit of a newbie question, but how can I use peavey revalver live through a guitar amp. I get I can use it through a PA with the line signal from my computer, but how do I use it through a guitar amp, or would it sound crap.
I basically want to be able to hear myself play, whereas the PA is out front. I'm thinking the signal from the pooter will be too hot for an instrument input.
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If it goes into the PA, can't you just have a monitor wedge on stage that gives you the sound from the PA in the mix you want?
It would sound shite if you put it into a guitar amp, you want a monitoring system to go with it, wedges or inears.
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+1 to the monitor wedge. Makes no sense to go through the hassle of a tube amp and cabinet if you're modelling everything and using the PA.
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