Hi, intresting stuff! Accoustic trough amp? Reminds me of asian music in a way. I kinda like how the notes hit so hard. Not really any complains on the sound since this is not ut usual 4-piece rockband.
Thanks for the crit.
Whoa, the heavy distortion in the beginning threw me off there for a second when you said acoustic, ha ha

The beginning of the piece kinda reminded me of Michael Hedges for some reason, maybe because of the ambience...
I can't think of something to complain about, except maybe if you could use some stereo reverb, as the sound is centered in the middle, unless my headphones are going bad anyway. As I said, I like the ambience and contemplative vibe...good work!
I love acoustic with distortion, it always has that really distinct clanky sound with a bit of fuzz.

I really like the opening parts, it's very ambient with a lot of mystery. The first minute is definitely where the track peaks and it should break into something fast and heavy. Assuming this would be an intro to a metal song, haha.

You don't need to critique this, it's my own acoustic recording with slight distortion on it.

Interesting vibe. Feels as if it kinda stops short from where its going, it might be cool if you really took it somewhere, maybe added a second guitar or sound effects in the background as the song progressed. Take the song on more of a journey.

Anyways i would really appreciate it if you critiqued my song shifting sands-

Really liked the intro and the the little guitar parts that play after that fit in pretty well, surprisingly. I like the reverb and everything you got going on. Transition at 1:10 was a bit weird. I agree with the guy above me that you should add some more things to the song. I think it'd flow a lot better with like a light minimalistic drum beat in the background.
I really enjoyed it. It's different. It's very minimal and that's the kind of stuff I really like. Keep up the good work.
I love the lo-fi harmonics and the sound of dripping water in the background. It could use some more variation though, just random sounds would be nice and would fit the mood. Or maybe just make it longer.

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