Ok, this is probably a stupid thread, but the heading of a story in my local paper made me laugh.

Sen. Harry Reid sees progress in making Congress functional

So, what humorous story headings/titles have you seen in your local paper?

(Yeah I searched, but found nothing).
>Implying our generation reads newspapers
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December 14, 2017
"Newtown Victim's Mother Pleads for Gun Control" -NYTimes 4/13/13
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At least they're not racially profiling!

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"Gordon Ramsay's dwarf porn double found dead in a badger den in Wales"
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I just remembered something that actually qualifies under the grounds specified in the OP.

A few weeks ago I saw a thing in a Paris newspaper about a man stealing a giant block of cheese, thus cementing his place in history as the Frenchest criminal ever.
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That is beautifully terrible.