I've got a short scale Squier Jaguar with D'Addario .50-.105 rounds on it right now. I mostly use a pick, but I would like to develop my fingers a bit more. I like the string tension when I'm plucking by the bridge, but I hate the tone so I usually pluck closer to the neck. I can't find any brands that sell .55-.105 gauges but I did see Rotosound 88's which are .65-.115. Has anybody used these? Should I get them or should I learn how to pluck softer and deal with the lower tension strings? I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to my plucking technique, so that could be part of the problem.
If you want very heavy strings, then the Rotosounds should serve you well. You can also see if you local music store sells individual strings, and then make your own custom set.
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