I need some recommendations for a good (boutique) metal distortion pedal!
I'm looking for 3 things in the pedal

1. It's analog
2. It's got 2 channels
3. That it's got a built in clean boost

Number 3 is a bit optional.. But, It'd be really nice.
In a few months I'm going to be moving to Canada from the USA to be with my band (It's like... Neoclassical/Folk metal stuff. VERY guitar centric)
And I won't have time or money when I get there to get a good amp with good distortion... So I'm going to be relying on borrowing a friend's amp (probably a cheap Crate or something) and just using a distortion pedal's distortion to help shape the sonic character

I'm looking for something very high gain modern-ish tone to it.

Examples of ones that I've REALLY liked so far:

Toneczar Openhaus
Palmer Solid Metal Distortion
Protone Body Rot III
Wampler Triple Wreck
Dragonfly Black Metal (droooooolllll)
and the M.V. Shredhead

If you have any links to any of these pedals for about 120 bucks or less lemme know! But, I need some serious suggestions! Thanks
You'll never find the Toneczar or Wampler that cheap.

The Dragonfly is nothing more than an Artec crazy metal pedal in a different housing. You may be able to find the original one for cheap.
For $120, i think your going to have a hard time with any of those man.
But I also rate the Doctor Scientist Elements. Tasty as all shit
Railhead TUA
OKKO Dominator <-- Used to be a favorite around here for quite a while.

You're gonna have to stretch your budget either way.
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