I'm the type of person who enjoys recording line out verses mic'ed because it's much easier in the home recording setting.
I've been hearing some things about having the bass amp go through a Direct Box, and was wondering if my Hartke Bass Amp needed to go through this? Would it effect the tone? Because I already line out through my bass amp.
I have a Direct Box, and I can't hear the diffrence.
Thanks UG

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Just go Bass->DI->Interface

Most of the time in modern recording, Bass is just DI'd in and they use compression, EQ & some analog saturation to get the song. I haven't touched a bass amp in years.
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.... although a line out on a bass amp is often intended to be used as a direct out.

If you can't hear the difference between amp > DI box > interface and amp > interface, then the DI box is unnecessary. But I do urge you to try bass > DI box > interface.

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