Well, I already own the guitar since ~2 weeks but i finally could make some nice
photos today.

LP Traditional in Light Burst

Bought it second hand and as you can see the Pickups are changed to Seymour Duncan Alnico II. But i'm thinking about to but some 57's classic back in.
The plain truss rod cover and the reflector knobs are also changed.

This guitar is (probably) a keeper!

The 50's neck needs getting used to but i really like it now.

Love those zebra pickups!
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Yep, she's a stunner! Lovely.
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Ooouf. What a lovely top! HNLPD
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I actually made a noise when I saw this.

it looks incredible!

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Thass purdy!
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I actually made a noise when I saw this.

it looks incredible!

This. Nicest Les Paul I've seen in a long time. Good job. If you ever decide you wanna sell it...
wow that looks awesome

is it meant to have those knobs?
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bloody beautiful. I was saving for one, but on my 16th birthday I had enough cash on top of my savings for an American Tele... so I got the tele haha