Hi Guys,

I'm currently notating a leadsheet (melody and chords) in Sibelius for one of my songs. I'd like to get a nice sleek system which is easy to read and very clear but I'm having some problems achieving this.

So the parts of my song are in the following order:

Part: Bars

Intro: 2 x 4
Verse: 12
Chorus: 8

Interlude (same as Intro)
Verse: 12
Chorus: 2 x 8

Bridge p. 1: 4 + 2 x 8
Bridge p. 2: 16
Breaks: 10
Chorus: 2 x 8
Outro: 16

The main issue is the Chorus which is played twice after the second verse and after the Bridge/Breaks. Is there a common way say to repeat the Chorus on the second time around?

For the chorus after the Breaks I put a "D.S. al Coda", making the Outro my Coda. But same problem here: how do I say that when you go to the Segno (Chorus) , it should be played twice?

I hope that made some kind of sense.