What tuning are you in? Doesn't look like a conventional power chord shape. My brain wants to hear tri tones with what it's seeing!
Drop C with the G string down a semi-tone. Is this what BFMV used in the song? Or something you use? If so, how do you even use that haha

OT: I should add that you did play good, though I felt throughout, and during the solo even more-so, that you are too tense whilst playing. That you should loosen up and hit some percussive notes on the other strings that you mute with your fingers that aren't being used to fret a note. Doing this would sound much better, more real and very suited to this style, especially the solo.
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My guitar was accidentally out of tune and this is how i figured it out by ear lol
Thanks for the advice,I agree with you,i was a littlebit nervous or i don't even know during the record. I'll try to do my best next time
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You got a very cool sound actually, but you got to loosen up a little, I know It`s a big deal for people like us who just started doing covers and filming themselves

Keep it up!
Thx for understanding this problem and thanks for support (comments),it helps me a lot !