Hi Guys,

This is my new band Johari Window. We are a hard rock band from Manchester UK. Our new EP is out soon, be great to get some thoughts on our music- [forbidden link]


Sorry I seem to have a forbidden link! Not sure what this means! So if you wanna listen please check my profile!
Listened to I Know What You Want - great track i love the groove - kinda like Stevie Wonder's Superstition with a killer chorus. If i could offer some advice maybe some more passion in the vocals on the chorus, it just feels like the singer's holding back a bit. Apart from that it's a quality track
Glad you like it mate! Thanks for the singing tip, I actually am the singer! No worries on the comment though dude, I appreciate the honesty! Please checkout the tune "Break on Free", I think I prefer that track!

Good to meet you on here fella, nice one!
No worries mate, honestys the best policy when it comes to music imo. found you on facebook and gave you a like - my bands called the brackets weve got a few rough demos recorded on our page if u wanna check em out. Break on Frees another well written song, killer chorus again - love the husky vocal too. how long u guys been going?

here's my band's link:

Cheers for the like mate, I've liked your band too! I'll have to give you a listen tonight as I'm at work today. We've been going since Oct 2012. It's going pretty well, could do with more gigs really but not many places booking original bands where we are... Still we've got three coming up in the next six weeks. How long have guys been together?