Fellow Bass players,

My name's Tom Lasley (16 Years Old), and I've been playing bass for about 3 years. This past evening, a good friend of mine, Tony Skalas (17 Years Old), who happens to be another bassist, decided to come over and do some recording together. The link below was the result;
zmoDe2R5jtg (<--- Search for that, should be only result on google, as I cannot post true links)

The track is also on my profile under Mp3's, go have a listen!

I used EZDrummer for the drum track, they're a little rough, as I'm not too familiar with how to work things, but you can clearly hear the basic groove I'm looking for. I'm playing the higher, distorted leads while Tony sticks with the lower, punchier rhythm section.

So what do you guys think for one night of writing, recording, and mixing within a 10 hour time period? Do you think with a few more songs and a drummer we could make a functioning band? MANY thanks for any feedback, it's very much appreciated!

And just a little reminder, NO ELECTRIC GUITAR was used in the making, just BASS!
You should probably post this in the originals forum.

It's a nice idea, but you're gonna have to step up your game a little me thinks; you guys' composition was kinda... really bland :

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