Simple really
What aftershave/perfume/cologne do you use?

Atm, I'm using some terrible cheap aftershave
Cologne wise, I use Lacoste's L.12.12 white and I just bought LPG's Le Male Summer

inb4 'Too manly for this shit'
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L'Homme by YSL, stolen from the child I have tied up in my basement.
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donno lol
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Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier

The vanilla one from bath&body works though for after when I want a change. And right now I smell like air freshener cuz I accidentally sprayed it on myself
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I never got spending a huge amount of money on scents.

I just use febreze if anything
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Cool Water by Davidoff.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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everything that you've come to expect

I use Joop. Birds like it.
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mostly english leather with a few randos thrown in, might be an oldie but girls still love it.
Old Spice. Original. Or classic. I don't remember which one.
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But if the child's all cried out I just use Sex Panther by Odeon.
I alternate between Curve and Old Spice Original.

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I trim my beard rather than shave clean so no aftershave. But I have a few colognes that I'll switch around and wear depending on season and temperature. In order of quality (imo)--

Creed Green Irish Tweed
Creed Silver Mountain Water
Guerlain Homme
Mugler Cologne
Nautica Voyage
Sung Homme

They're nearly all spring/summer frags given that I live in Miami and it's summer all year round here. The Sung is really warm and smokey so it's better for winter but it smells too good for the money to get rid of it.

The Creeds are for special occasions only. I wear the Guerlain to work most often, and the other three are alright for casual use.
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Polo Green by Ralph Lauren for aftershave.

When I wear cologne, True Religion black. I have never met a person that DIDN'T want to get 3 feet closer to me when I wear that.
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Old Spice. I'm the man you could smell like.
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Either Escentric Molecules 01 or just Body Shop white musk oil.
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No aftershave. No cologne. The only smell I put on my body is Old Spice Aqua Fresh deodorant.
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