I am upgrading a strat style guitar with a HSS (active EMGs) configuration. I'd like to use a 3 way lever switch in order to select a pick-up once each (position 1 bridge pu, position 2 middle pu , position 3 neck pu).
I don't know whether it may be possible to do so and the related wiring scheme.
I enclose the scheme of a 3 way lever switch (in that case it relates to 2 pickups only).

Thank you very much for your time and help.

3 way switch.JPG
Yes it's possible with an import style 3-way(like the one in the pic). But that drawing is not right. With a 3-way, you have 4 lugs per pole, 3 position lugs and 1 common. Just run each pickup to it's own position lug and run the common out to your jack or volume pot. You only need one pole(one half of the switch).
This is actually the original way Stratocasters were wired. The combined pickup positions didn't come along 'till later. Look up a wiring diagram for an early/vintage Strat and you'll be sorted.

Just bear in mind that if you use EMG's solderless system, you can't do this wiring; you'll need to buy your own 25k pots, switch, capacitors, jack and battery clip and wire it all up from scratch yourself.
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Dear W4RP1G and MrFlibble,
many many thanks for your kind replies and help.
Indeed I have already the import style 3 way switch, non solderless EMG pups and the other circuitry components.
You really helped a lot! Thank you again.
Kind regards