Need help with Boss RC-3 loop pedal which is emitting a volume at much too high a level.?
Running through Effects Loop on Blackstar HT-5RS.
1. The fx loop has a -10dbV/+4dbV setting, although i have managed to gain better results of lower volume in +4? Loud hissing is present on -10 and scared to try incase i blow the cabinets, this is not the case with +4
2. Its the rhythm drum track that is loud. Its a standard volume knob, but anything past 1/10 is unbearable. When connected to front panel, its fine, 5/10 is comfortable volume. But i need it in effects loop to be able to use different effects on the same track.
3. The backing tracks that came on it were also ridiculously loud. My guitar line in at the settings i play at come through at a normal volume.

I just want to be able to run the pedal normally without being under constant pressure that if the knob gets bumped slightly i might break my amp, it seriously sounds like my stacks cranked when the rhythmn is past 2/10. Please help?