For example I want to learn this song, Crazy by Aerosmith


What am I supposed to play? The vocal part with guitar? Strumming those chords while singing the song? Should it be used for transcription?

I don't know the purpose of these tabs. but I really want to know what you can with it. How do you guys 'learn' with tabs like these?

Any help would be appreciated
The chords indicated are the chords of the song in order, they're shown with the lyrics to give you a rough idea of the timing but you'll have to use your ears to get it accurate. Whether the ones tabbed are the exact fingerings used as played in the original varies from tab to tab.

As for what you're supposed to play... that's up to you. You could just play the guitar part, maybe some chord-melody version of it, sing and play it, play it with a full band, whatever you want.
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Just pick up your acoustic & use the chords to strum along to the song, you'll gradually come up with your own way of playing it so you can do your own version of the song.

I prefer the chord version of tabs, they give you enough of a guideline to get you started but don't lock you in to simply copying how the song was originally played.

Don't think too much about it, just enjoy doing it.
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I feel like I am in the twilight zone in this forum. Every time I come in here someone is asking how to play a song and posting the chords and calling them tabs.

Start by finding the actual tabs for the song.