Yo, so i recently grabbed a Line 6 DL4, and i have come to realize, i wont fit my power adapter. Is there any sort of converter i can get so that it will fit the adapter that i use to power my BOSS pedals?
The DL4 needs a 9VAC adaptor with at least 1200 mA capacity according to the manual, so no.

I'm assuming you have a 9VDC adapter for most regular stomp boxes. You will have to get another adapter for the DL4 if you want to plug it in.

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Quote by Oldmonkeys

I want to just put a word of caution here. The Line 6 pedals don't take DC very well for some reason. The rectifying circuit is kind of complicated, and technically it should be just fine to use 9V DC power as it gets dropped to 3.6v or something for operation, but I have seen many Line 6 DL4's dead at my shop. The common factor is that they were powered using onespots or pedal power/supachargers. That's not to say you can't use DC power, but I've gone through 2 DL4's in two years when I've been on my supacharger. I switched to AC power 3 years ago and no issues.
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