This is a great track and well executed throughout.

It's well mixed, however there is a real battle for position and a clash of frequencies between the guitars and vocals which is more distinguishable at 0.48 exactly. There is room to clear out some of the middle of the guitars (in terms of mid/stereo) using the EQ and really allow the vocals to come through more prominently down the middle of the sound image. It's a very minor criticism to what is overall a great track.

What sequencer are you using?
Thank you for the support guys, I was feeling pretty discouraged about music in general recently. I live in Connecticut and I feel like nobody here is really into this kind of music.

Skatooter -- I rewrote the first line of the first verse's vocal melody, re-recording it tomorrow afternoon. My voice is my weak link, I've been training it for about six months now and I've made progress but now I'm going to really buckle down and work it hard. I will give your track a listen now.

EDIT: I just left a lengthy response on your soundcloud.

Coajinx - Sequencer... like, my drum sampler? I taught myself how to produce so I don't really know terms as well. I get what you are saying about the mids/stereo though, I'm going to try altering the band on the vocal EQ and space the two non-delay guitars out a bit more in the mix.

Since I'm not sure what you're asking me, here is what I use -- Logic 9 with Guitar Rig 5. I make my own rigs in Guitar Rig and don't really use presets except for as examples. Drums are handled by Superior Drummer 2 which I am still tweaking. Vocals are done with the Logic plug ins, as are any other instruments I use.
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Nice voice.
Good sound overall and lyrics are good.
On the "and turn them into art" part, when the cymbal hits your voice sort of doesnt reach the same velocity as the cymbal sound.
Sometimes the prgressiveness sounds forced. like in the electric guitar stutters. you should have less of them, or make them more melodic.
But other than that i really like it.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1597616
Sigs are for salad tossers.
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Wow I loved the song man, very well mixed and recorded. Like how liquidy your guitar tone is. Song has great melodys and riffs. Has a 70"s feel to it which is personally love. Really nothing to crit on it caused I really enjoyed it and I know how you feel about living in a place where it feels line your then only person there who seems to enjoy a certain type of music. Well keep it up man I wouldn't be suprized to see you out there one day. \m/