Comments? Critiques? Tell me it sucks. Tell me it's the best thing in the world. I don't really care. I'm looking for some feedback. I know it's rough at the moment, but look past it or at least try to.
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I've never heard a bad song about Sasquatch. But if you want feedback, get closer to the mic, add some guitar fills here and there and get some more backing tracks in there, some natural instruments like a jambaye, flute, funny sounds, penny whistle? bottles? kazoo? samples? spoons?
I agree it sounds like you are 50' from the mic, perhaps in a well. I can't make out half of the lyrics, though some of them are funny. You'll just have to give your best friend a good tribute by making a better audio quality recording. Guitar riffs are fine. Don't let the Bigfeet down, record it again! Perhaps you could review my music at this link: