The concept is solid. Ofc the guitar should be recorded into a direct midi or usb instead of a mic to make it really stand out. Work on your voice, some notes were hit but you gotta really pull through. Nice movements, though it gets repetative at times. And i can sort of see why Jack inspired this lol
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I dunno man I think sometimes micing an amp can sound better depending on what you're playing. Experiment.

Work on your voice a bit, but it dont' worry too much it works anyway. I see the Jack influence but I dunno if I would've if you hadn't said anything. Also, the reverb is insanely wet, turn that down.
I like the reverb, but I agree with unicornicopia that it's a bit wet (that is, if you're really going for a Jack White sound). Your voice is okay, if a bit off sometimes. The movements are nice.

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As said before, the Jack White influence is not quite obvious, if the listener doesn't know about it. Though, with that in mind, I can definitely hear it. It's a very cool song with some catchy guitar-work, and the mic'ed amp works quite well, though the guitar sounds a bit distant at times. Your voice is very fitting and sounds great, though it's off at times especially in the beginning, but that is something that can be worked on. Song could've been a bit longer too, it feels more like a concept than a finished song.

So, all in all, good way to start, potential for more!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31349272#post31349272